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World’s Largest Rubber Duck presented by


World’s Largest Rubber Duck Facts

  • Over six stories high
  • 64 Feet wide
  • 74 Feet long
  • Weighs 11 tons
  • 4 hours to inflate
  • Has been to Los Angeles, Philly and Long Island



Tall Ships® Erie 2019 Ships

Niagara for Sail Brochure


Niagara is one of the most historically authentic tall ships in the United States. As an accurate reproduction of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry’s victorious flagship from the War of 1812’s Battle of Lake Erie, the ship represents both Pennsylvania and her homeport of Erie in ports throughout the Great Lakes.


El Galeon

El Galeon

An authentic wooden replica of a galleon that was part of Spain’s West Indies fleet. With information about 16th century European sailing techniques and technology, as well as important Florida history exhibits, El Galeon tells the 500 year story since the arrival of Juan Ponce de Leon on the eastern shore of Florida.




Pride of Baltimore

Pride of Baltimore II

Pride sails primarily as a representative of the city of Baltimore, with a professional crew and a few passengers/ trainees. The wooden ship is a modern interpretation of a type historically known as “Baltimore Clipper” whose chief characteristic was high speed. Such vessels were often employed as privateers during the War of 1812, but also found use as smugglers, pirates and slavers.



Appledore IV

Appledore IV

Tall ship adventures aboard Appledore IV further its mission to foster environmental stewardship of the Saginaw Bay watershed and the Great Lakes ecosystem and to provide personal development opportunities for learners of all ages though ship board and land-based educational experiences. Launched in 1989, she is the fourth in a series of schooners built for world voyaging.



When & If

When and If

This historic 63 ft.  schooner was built in 1939 in Wiscasset, Maine, after being commissioned by then U.S. Army Colonel George S. Patton. When and If remained in the Patton family until 1972.


 Mist of Avalon

Mist of Avalon

The ship began her life in 1967 and was used for fishing the cod that were her reason for being. After twenty years working in the harsh environment of the North Atlantic, this once proud vessel was left abandoned at a Halifax pier. Another five years of neglect added to her decline, but under the layers of paint and algae, behind the rotting timber, was a gracious schooner hull waiting to return to sea.


PathfinderPathfinder & Playfair    Playfair

Two brigantines, they were both designed and built as sail training vessels. A brigantine is a two-masted square-rigged sailing vessel with fore-and-aft rigged sails on the mainmast. This is distinct from a brig that has square sails on both masts.

Denis SullivanDenis Sullivan

This replica of a Great Lakes schooner, and Flagship of Wisconsin, operates as a floating classroom and goodwill ambassador for the State of Wisconsin.   The schooner offers educational day sails and private charters for people of all ages and is committed to re-establishing the historical, cultural, and environmental bonds between the community and one of its most valuable resources, the Great Lakes.